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Photons is on indefinite hiatus. But before we go, we'd like to leave you with a couple things:

First, a great podcast and interview with the band, brought to you by KQED and The Bay Bridged.

Second, two new mp3s, free for the taking. Our way of saying thanks to you, the fans: Shadow + Choose

XOXO, Calvin Liu and Photons, May 2, 2010

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Glory! EP now out on iTunes, eMusic and Amazon! (CDs from Insound.)


"An impassioned style that sets them apart from the imitators." San Francisco Examiner
"A true rock variety show ... young, energetic and thirsty to unleash their unique pop
on audiences in need of some musical redemption." Monterey County Weekly
"Delightfully well-orchestrated and complex pop rock." Pasta Primavera
"Fun ... a veritable modern indie rock orchestra." Sound On The Sound
"Entrancing ... adepth of talent and songwriting that most bands never
develop ... their sound is entrancing." Independent Clauses

"Full of interesting instrumentation, charming arrangements." Viva Indie
"Music that feels like whipped cream, and tastes like creme brulee ... hooks
you in its sincerity, then reassures you in its quality. On Another Note
"Stellar ... fluttering soundscapes filled with anthem-worthy vocals ...
find a seat on the bandwagon while you still can." Side One: Track One
"Rousing ... we've had superb bands with five, six and even seven
members ... Photons raise that bar to eight." Another Form of Relief
"Fresh ... prepare to be intrigued and enveloped." Diagonal Limes

"Fantastic ... a new little crush for me." Louder Than Bombs (SWEDEN)
"Recalls the most beautiful moments." La Conjuration (FRANCE)
"Beautiful, catchy and easy to love." Hits in the Car (DENMARK)
"A band not just to be heard, but to be seen." Indiependent Music
"Entertaining ... a band to watch for." AWmusic (CANADA)
"This experience is quite impressive." Ear, Eye, Nose Candy
"Definite potential here for them to follow ... into the hearts
of the indie kid hoi polloi. " Sweeping the Nation (UK)

"Fabulous ... an impressive leap." The World in a Paper Cup
"Lush sounds and an indie spirit.' Impressionable Youth
"Engaging ... chunders along sweetly." Indie-MP3 (UK)
"Lushly orchestrated, highly infectious." The MusicFile
"A shimmering slice of indie-pop." Heavier Than Air
"Hard to resist." We All Want Someone To Shout For
"Music that sounds like a party." Kindness of Ravens
"Happy, charming and warm." Bona Fide Darling

"Scrumptious ear candy." The Wheel's Still In Spin
"Sprawling indie chamber-pop." Oh My Rockness
"They've won our hearts with their feast of sound
and instrumentation." Wave Radio (GREECE)
"If keyboard-heavy love songs with multiple vocal
parts are you thing." Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"Warm and charming." Stop Sleeping, Yo
"Delightfully enjoyable." Tympanogram

"Rousingly orchestral." Artrocker (UK)
"Buzzy, lo-fi, jangly." Blog Monterey
"Continues the raucous party." 3hive
"Lush orchestration." Local Vertical
"Bodes quite well." The Bay Bridged
"Brilliant." ZikNation (FRANCE)
"Very Promising." The Collect X
"Awesome." The Opening Acts

"Very endearing." Rock Sellout
"A fun time." Quiet Color
"Endearing." Loud Farm
"Quite lovely." 100b

Also featured on ...

The Yellow Stereo: The Daily Graboid
WOXY: Pampelmoose New Music Hour
(Hosted by Gang of Four's Dave Allen)
The POP! Stereo: 10 Tracks You Need
Ear Farm: Free Music Fridays
Indie 103.1: Public Education
KEXP: Out This Week

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The 2008 debut Photons EP is also available from
iTunes, eMusic and Amazon. (CDs have sold out.)



"This is a band to keep an eye on in 2009." Puddlegum
"Rousing, positive and inventive."
A New Band A Day (UK)
"Watch out for them
, I think they might be a big deal." Quiet Color
"I'm predicting that they will become big news in 2009." Indie Paws
"One of the best debuts of 2009." 180 Grados (RNE/Radio Nacional de España)
A stunning debut ... so catchy and utterly charming." Hits in the Car (Denmark)
"One of 2009's worthiest contenders for best new bands." We All Want Someone to Shout For
"It all comes together well in the memorable -- if unusual Photons EP." QRO Magazine
"If there is any justice
... Photons will be charting in 2009." Not Many Experts (UK)
eclectic and robust sound that is entirely unique." Umibilical Chord
A very promising debut that had the indie sites buzzing." The Collect x
"Downright e
nchanting guitar pop." Milk Milk Lemonade
"Absolutely loving this debut." Yellow Bird Project News
An excellent self-titled debut." The Bay Bridged
"Interesting." Check the Availability (UK)
"Energized lo-fi pop." Local Vertical
"Amazing." Bona Fide Darling
"Peppy jangle pop."
SF Weekly
"Eclectic pop."

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